Things My Mother Taught Me…

She taught me to say ‘Thank you’ and ‘Please’ (What’s the magic word? She would ask…and I cheekily replied ‘abracadabara’ or so she used to tell it). Thank you was not just in words, she would always show appreciation. To everyone who was nice to me…bake them a cake, send a card,,,but mostly cakes though.  […]

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Happy New Year /2016? So What?

I sat in silence as the New year rolled in. Reflecting. A silent prayer of thanksgiving and I rolled over and tried to go to sleep. Outside there was so much noise. I could hear the firecrackers going off in the distance, the jubilant cheers of the celebrating Mancunian masses, the bass lines of the […]

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Lo, I Stand Here

Originally posted on George Akomas jr's Blog:
Lo I stand here and quiver Lo I stand here and quiver‘Tis cold but it’s not of cold that I shiverBut in trepidation and anxiety beholdI stand as a new year begins to unfold Is this the past year return to meRecycled hope, joy, pain and miseryOr…

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2015. Gone. (My Apology)

2015 draws to an end tonight. 365 days without a single blog post from me. I’m sorry. Not that there has not been any activity…boy o boy…there has been so much happening. However since the day I put up THAT ‘Obituary notice’ (mine to be precise) wth the question ‘Gone too soon’ and the sense […]

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